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Born 1986 in Germany and still living there. Already developed a fascination for art and painting when I was still very young.  Most of the fascination was caused by my beloved late grampa, who painted a lot of still lifes, landscapes and portraits in oil, which he mixed all by himself. Unfortunately I had not have enough time to learn important basic-knowledge about painting from him, for he died when I was still a child.

Around the age of 12 the need to improve my own drawing and painting skills started to evolve, which led to a huge wastage of watercolors, colored pencils and graphite. The beginning wastage of acrylics, ballpens and such followed.

Just few years later I developed the dream of becoming a tattoo-artist. I still have that dream and wanna make it come true (hopefully-soon-)someday.

Everything I know about art, colors, techniques and stuff was and is self-taught: The progress of curiosity, experiments, trial & error, learning, creating and improving still continues and will hopefully last forever. Needless to say, there’s still a lot I need to learn.

However, art is my language, my world, my sanctuary, my asylum, my cure, my curse, … well, just really fucking important to me. wink

And the products and results of that can be looked at on this website. So, don’t waste your time any longer with senseless info about me, visit my Portfolio & Junkyard and enjoy the essence of this site: my ART. stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes

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