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The First Day

Well… hi grimacing

Starting a blog about becoming a tattooist may turn out to be a risky thing, because some may not approve of something like this or even feel kinda backstabbed, but I just feel the need of logging my experiences and everything and don’t see a reason to be afraid of doing such a thing. Why not share my experiences and thoughts on the internet with those, who are interested in it, while nearly everybody is blogging/vlogging about whatever else? blush

So yeah, here I am, sitting in front of my computer and thinking of what to write about after my first day as a trainee in a tattoo shop. First day? Wait. Not really the first… Because I’ve been a trainee whatsoever 5 yrs ago in the same shop, just in my spare time. Means I went there every day in my spare time for 4 weeks in total and learned as much as I could. Then life resumed being bitchy as always and for 5 years I didn’t do anything (on this subject) – until today.

So yeah, first day of being a trainee (again). Feels awesome smile I’m as happy as a permanently confused and weird individual/freak could be, haha. I learned a lot, which I didn’t learn yet 5 years ago or even after this point by reading and watching stuff on the internet. My brain is buzzing and there’s so much stuff left I need to learn still, but I feel great. And content – and confident. Because first I was afraid as hell. To be honest. Because the guys in the shop I’m a trainee now at are just awesome, kind, understanding and supporting. Thanks a for that. I even secretly thank God for this chance, haha, but don’t tell anyone stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes The chance those guys gave and give to me, the chance to live my dream, the chance to work in my dream job. How many people got such luck? I know what this means and so I’m just grateful and happy.

I still need to get better at drawing stuff (especially in a way of being usable as a tattoo draft/flash), need to get used to actually inking people and everything else, but I’m looking forward to it, despite of still being a bit insecure and whatnot, heh.

There will be hard times, there will be exhaustion, there will be challenges of which I may think I can’t meet, but I’ll hang in there, baby. And write about it here yum

New Artwork -> Portfolio

Hi guys,

today I just got a really small update; a new piece of art for my Portfolio.

It’s Sewlea Te Tsi’keyrra Päla’ite from my comic Layon Yayo, go check it out blush Free Wallpaper of it available here!

I’m very proud of this artwork, because I’ve used no references for it except for my comic/its characters and imo it came out really well… It’s at least the most realistic pic I’ve ever drawn, I guess. Hope you like it, too wink