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Three new fan artsies

Just three new fan artsies have been added to my portfolio. One from Ergo Proxy, awesome anime, and one from the music vid for “Extra” by Ken Ishii. I love those. That’s why I had to draw dem pics heh.

Also, one fan art pic for Snowylocks, a child of the forest from GRRM’s A Song Of Ice And Fire. I absolutely love aSoIaF / GoT. Read all books. T_T Watched the show. T____T

More stuff will be added soon. Haven’t kept this site updated in centuries, I’m sorry. Hope you enjoyyy anyway. :3

New Artwork -> Portfolio

Hi guys,

today I just got a really small update; a new piece of art for my Portfolio.

It’s Sewlea Te Tsi’keyrra Päla’ite from my comic Layon Yayo, go check it out blush Free Wallpaper of it available here!

I’m very proud of this artwork, because I’ve used no references for it except for my comic/its characters and imo it came out really well… It’s at least the most realistic pic I’ve ever drawn, I guess. Hope you like it, too wink