Depending on my current preference or the content I want to broadcast, I may stream on either Picarto or Twitch. Here are both links:

Click here to watch the stream on
Click here to watch the stream on

I’d recommend to follow me on Twitter to see when I’m live – I’ll be announcing the start of my broadcasts there.


Do you take requests?

Depends on the request, actually, and if I got time for it / am in the right mood. Just go ahead and ask in the chat whether I’m up for it or not.

Do you take commissions?

Usually I don’t, sorry, because my job includes taking commissions and working with them, so I usually just wanna draw something I’d love to draw just for funsies while streaming.

I really like your stuff! How can I support you?

Follow my stream, which gives me the option for receiving channel subscriptions once I got 50 followers. You can follow me on my – just click “follow” button.

Spread the word on social media to your liking.

Or donate whatever amount of money you want to support me with. Donations will only be used for sustaining my webspace, affording the much needed coffee and stocking up with art materials.

When/how often do you stream?

That varies. Usually when I got time for it :P Btw, my time is CET/GMT+1.

Which stuff are you using for drawing?

Digitally I use a Wacom Intuos Pro Medium and usually Adobe CC, Paint Tool SAI or Clip Studio Paint. When not streaming I also love to use my Galaxy Note 10.1 on the go, together with Apps like LayerPaint HD, Photoshop Express, Sketchbook Pro, Infinite Painter and occasionally CloverPaint. Traditionally I prefer pencils, ball pens, watercolor, acrylics, colored pencils, modelling clay and whatever I find interesting to try out. Oh, and let’s not forget about tattoo machines (InkMachines’ Stingray and Dragonfly) and loooooots of ink. ^^

Did you go to an Art school of some sort?

Not really, mostly everything I’m able to do today is self-taught. Don’t underestimate the power of practise and passion! I went to an art-oriented high school, though, but only for a bout a year, which gave me some knowledge about medieval architecture, art styles and color values, but that’s about it x) Life’s the best teacher anyway! :P

What games are you (currently) playing?

Heroes of the Storm, ESO, Diablo 3, Ark Survival Evolved, Sims 4, Skyrim, Overwatch.

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