The First Day

Well… hi :grimacing:

Starting a blog about becoming a tattooist may turn out to be a risky thing, because some may not approve of something like this or even feel kinda backstabbed, but I just feel the need of logging my experiences and everything and don’t see a reason to be afraid of doing such a thing. Why not share my experiences and thoughts on the internet with those, who are interested in it, while nearly everybody is blogging/vlogging about whatever else? :blush:

So yeah, here I am, sitting in front of my computer and thinking of what to write about after my first day as a trainee in a tattoo shop. First day? Wait. Not really the first… Because I’ve been a trainee whatsoever 5 yrs ago in the same shop, just in my spare time. Means I went there every day in my spare time for 4 weeks in total and learned as much as I could. Then life resumed being bitchy as always and for 5 years I didn’t do anything (on this subject) – until today.

So yeah, first day of being a trainee (again). Feels awesome :smile: I’m as happy as a permanently confused and weird individual/freak could be, haha. I learned a lot, which I didn’t learn yet 5 years ago or even after this point by reading and watching stuff on the internet. My brain is buzzing and there’s so much stuff left I need to learn still, but I feel great. And content – and confident. Because first I was afraid as hell. To be honest. Because the guys in the shop I’m a trainee now at are just awesome, kind, understanding and supporting. Thanks a for that. I even secretly thank God for this chance, haha, but don’t tell anyone :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: The chance those guys gave and give to me, the chance to live my dream, the chance to work in my dream job. How many people got such luck? I know what this means and so I’m just grateful and happy.

I still need to get better at drawing stuff (especially in a way of being usable as a tattoo draft/flash), need to get used to actually inking people and everything else, but I’m looking forward to it, despite of still being a bit insecure and whatnot, heh.

There will be hard times, there will be exhaustion, there will be challenges of which I may think I can’t meet, but I’ll hang in there, baby. And write about it here :yum:

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