End of the 3rd week

Well, the first 3 weeks are over. Officially the first 2 weeks, for I started on September 3rd in my free time, but the traineeship officially started on September 10th. There’s just too much stuff to recap :scream: :yum:

My first tattoo is nearly healed completely and it definitely needs some touch up work, but that will follow some day in the near future; adding some white highlights and red blood splats, also refining the outlines and shadows a bit:

White Guy 1st Tat


I’ve drawn some tattoo drafts/flashes for customers already, such as the following two:

Before I started my traineeship it was something unusual, something very special and kinda rare thing, when I drew a tattoo draft for someone which would get inked later on. Now it has started to become a bit more usual, but I’m still thrilled and happy every time, when I draw something and my Mentor inks it right away, hehe.

I still need to get better at everything, though.

Unfortunately the traineeship will last only for one more week, but maybe it’ll be extended for one or two weeks, and after this… we’ll see, hehe. Don’t want to disclose anything too early :smile:

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