The end of the traineeship? + Decision Day

The end of the fourth week (official 3rd week) has come – and here I am, sitting and trying to recap everything (again). It was a great time, had a lot of fun, learned so many things and enjoyed every single day. The traineeship now has come to its official end and whether it will be prolonged or not is not totally clear yet, but it looks like it will be prolonged for a week or two, at least that was the thought/plan. Sooner (on Monday) or later (in two weeks at the latest) the day will come, though, on which a huge decision will be made – will I become a self-employed tattoo artist who will be allowed/able to work inside the studio I’ve been a trainee at or not? :grimacing:

Truth be told, I’m hopeful, but well, you can never know, so I’m a “bit” nervous (even though I should not think about what could happen or whatever, because I’m a bit sick/ill at the moment [damn you, stomach!] and should rest and relax in order to be fighting fit again on Monday).

I was told to write down why I want to become a tattoo artist and what I’m willing to do for it – and what my strengths and weaknesses are – which I already did, at least at a glance/in a nutshell and I’ll write it down again properly tomorrow.

Well, guys, what else could I say… except for; wish me luck and all the best and keep your fingers crossed, because I feel like I was born to do this/that this is my biggest dream which is about to become true – hopefully.

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