Recap of what has happened since September

Well, well, well… a whole lot of things happened since my last blog post here. Uhm, where do I start?! :open_mouth:

First, decision day has been and turned out good. I’ll be allowed to stay a trainee and learn, learn, learn, until I’m allowed to call myself a tattoo artist. Until then I’m still some sort of trainee, waiting for some stuff to be clarified and untangled (bureaucracy) while I’m every day at the shop, doing this and that on voluntary basis. A bunch of drafts and even tattoos. Well, sort of. I touched up my tattoo which I’ve tattooed on my own leg and then I got the chance to tattoo our current guest tattoo artist :grimacing:  :grinning:  (and I’m sure it’s not the last one he’ll get tattooed by me :scream:) Got no pic of his tattoo (yet), but one of my touched up little suffering “potato bag” :sweat_smile:


I need much more practice, luckily there are some people who “serve as victims for the sake of practice” :laughing: Hopefully soon I’ll get to practice on them, first of all my boyfriend, heh, then good friends who trust me enough to consent to do this madness, haha :grimacing:  :smirk:

This weekend I’m planning to tattoo myself again. Got a new machine a short while ago, a birthday gift from my dearest friends and family-members (thanks again a thousandfold :heart:), an absolutely awesome and light-weight DragonFly by InkMachines. She’s still a virgin, so to speak, but not for much more longer. She purrs like a kitten compared to my 1st machine, which is heavy as hell and loud as a Metal concert in comparison, lol.


Need to get another one when I got the money for it (maybe a lime green one, heh), and a good power supply as well, probably one by Eikon. Expensive stuff :dizzy_face: hah.

I’m still extremely nervous each time before I get to use a tattoo machine on skin, anxious, nearly on the verge of fainting, lol (nah, not really, but you get the point I guess). Afraid of making mistakes, of screwing anything up, because it’s not like you could pick up an eraser and undo it. But I’m being told that it’ll get better with time, that I’ll get used to it more and more and thus be calmer and more sovereign before it “starts”. Guess I’ll have to get used to a lot more things, hehe. Unless it’s killing my or I get a heart attack or something, lol. Well, whatever.

Ah, right, and then there are the drafts which I’ve drawn since September. Don’t got pictures of all of them, but at least a few:

no images were found

So, yeah, guys, I guess that’s it for now. Maybe I forgot some things, but I’m sure you’ll be lenient with me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m becoming a tattoo artist, my dream is becoming true, and I somehow still can’t believe, nor realize any of this, but it’s reality, my new reality. I just need to take my time in order to grow into all of this, and everything will be just fine, I hope.