[:en]Gallery Update, Layon Yayo and other stuffs[:]

[:en]I finally managed to update my website / gallery again. After like… Almost a year?! Lol. Anyways, planning to keep my website updated more often; therefore, I added a blog to this site. There I’ll post about whatever, mostly maybe my endeavor to improve my art skillz and daily (work) life.

Since I couldn’t manage to update my webcomic as frequently as I wanted to (new pages became an increasingly rare thing, unfortunately), I shut the webcomic page down. Well, it actually still exists, but is redirecting to now. I’m planning on uploading what I got so far as a .PDF or so for you to download, if you wanna.[:]

6 thoughts on “[:en]Gallery Update, Layon Yayo and other stuffs[:]

        1. Maybe, at some point, but only maybe, I might even continue the comic, but not on a extra website for that comic only. Maybe chapter wise, via .PDF or .CBR or something, we’ll see. For now this project is dead, but it doesn’t have to stay dead forever. Just sayin’ :P

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