I hesitated about raising a virtual monument for Hannes Lau, a friend of mine who committed suicide in 2010. But now I decided to just do it, because I want him to be remembered. His website went offline shortly after he died. And with his website also his artworks disappeared from the world wide web. That’s why I uploaded his artwork here. So people can still look at it and remember or get to know what Hannes created.

Luckily I managed saving his artwork which was shown on his website before it went offline. Unfortunately I didn’t save their alternative titles or the texts he wrote below every single one of his pictures.

I know that his art meant a lot to him. It was his mouthpiece, his valve. His way of articulating the things which he couldn’t tell with words. And that’s one of the things among others which made him so special to me.

I miss you so much, Hannes. You were and could better than you always have thought and believed. You struggled hard and I’m sorry I couldn’t help you any better. I will never forget you.


 Even though Hannes is dead, all of his artwork is still © Hannes Lau. Please spare a few minutes and have a look at it.