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SickDelusion / Eana Unil / Kris

Hi there.

My name's Kris, screen names are mostly SickDelusion or Eana Unil.

Born 1986 in Germany and still living there.

95% self-taught, "artist" with the goal to improve and make this stuff for a living since ~ 2002, tattooist since 2013.

Speaks German (native language), English (fluent) and Na'vi (more or less fluent).

Tools of the trade:

Tattooing: Elite Rotary Pen, Kwadron Modules; inks by Carbon Black, Silverback, World Famous, Quantum.

Traditional: Watercolor, Oils, Acrylics, Indian Ink, Ball Pens, and all sorts of stuff; no preference, really.

Digital: Wacom Intuos Pro M, Adobe Photoshop, Drawpile, Paintstorm Studio, Clip Studio Paint.

This page isn't about me, tho. It's about my art.
I usually don't only want to show the "best of the best" that I have to offer since that feels dishonest to me. I prefer to show most of the stuff that I created throughout the years since I started, the good and the bad. To my disadvantage, maybe, but I don't really care, since "good" or "bad" is very much a subjective thing. ;)

All artwork on here
© SickDelusion / Eana Unil / Kris F.

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