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I’ve always been looking for good and helpful recourses in order to improve my own skills. In my opinion, everyone who wants to improve and learn something new, should do that. But the more people are out there, drawing and posting their own tutorials on things, the harder it gets to find the really good ones which might really help you.

I feel the urgent need to improve, but I didn’t really start to do that seriously, like some great artists did already, like Brent Hollowell. I want to change that and luckily I found a pretty helpful website which might help me with this. I’m talking about – Digital painting simplified. If you got the same goal, improving or even learn how to draw, go have a look at this website and the videos posted on it. It totally kicks ass.

In case you didn’t knew this one already; another pretty helpful, but confusingly stuffed website (because of the huge amount of people registered there) is – a great recourse for custom brushes, tutorials, impressions, inspiration and just ass kicking artwork and artists. Also is

Go have a look, get impressed and inspired, stop complaining about that other artists are way better than you and start improving. Like I want to. Good luck to you and me! blush

Website Reloaded + Images

FFS, I’m done with the super-self-customized website designs, I’m going for something more simple now, with a blog (where I’ll post sketches, progress, this and that), a cut back gallery and some pages. I guess it’s better this way and maybe I’ll finally start to update my website more often sob


So, something to start with, here’s some new stuff I drew recently:

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